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You should always be handling your court filing through an experienced partner. You will face many challenges if you attempt to do it on your own. Missing even just one detail in an otherwise large submission can invalidate the whole batch of documents. There are also strict deadlines to work with. Often, the workload associated with filing over the course of a court case can be too much for the average person to bear. We are the most competent court filing company in the Ontario area. If you want to ensure that this will be handled properly, leave it in our hands.

Why You Need to Work with Us for Your Court Filing

You might think that you can just file the documents yourself. That’s often wrong. You need to handle many specific details correctly in each submission. Courts have various rules about the formatting of the documents they receive. If you fail to comply with any of those rules, you are jeopardizing your entire court case. Sometimes you might not even get a second chance to file. We understand all intricate aspects of court filing, and know how important it is in your legal case. That’s why we have spent a lot of time ensuring that the skills of our professionals are at a top level. When dealing with a court case that’s even remotely important to you, it’s important to work with us. We can guarantee that we will handle the whole process with the utmost respect to the rules from A to Z.

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What Makes Us the Best Company for Court Filing?

We have over 60 years of total experience across our specialists. We always follow new trends and developments in the legal world. This allows us to understand the filing system better than most of our competitors. We also offer bilingual services. Dealing with a court case when English is not your first language can be an additional burden. We are well aware of the implications this holds for you. That’s why we are prepared to offer our services in multiple different languages. Our team is also available 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you need your order carried out on a rush basis. We’re here for you, and we’re ready to get started on your case immediately.

Our company also provides a full range of related legal services. We are capable of handling complex process serving jobs, as well as legal searches. We don’t have any hidden fees attached to our services. You will always know exactly how much everything will cost upfront. And we’ll keep you in the loop about anything that requires your attention.

E-Filing? Not a Problem!

E-filing is the process of filing court documents online. While this can simplify and accelerate the process, it also presents some additional challenges. Every court has strict rules about how documents that are filed online should be formatted. That’s why it’s important to work with someone competent in e-filing specifically. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we can handle that part of the process with no issues. Keep in mind that some courts may not even accept documents unless you’re doing e-filing! That makes it even more important to have the right support.

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Get in touch with us today and let us help you with your court filing. We know how to handle the process from start to finish. We will do the job much faster than most of our competitors. And we value your time just like we value ours. That’s why we’re always prepared to get started straight away. Some of the time estimates you would get from other companies can be disappointing. But when you’re working with us, you’ll know that the job will be done on time, every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with an ongoing case, or are starting a new one. We are ready to get involved regardless. Call us at 647-824-1088, or get a free quote online to start the process.

Frequently asked questions about Court Filing

None! We are upfront about every fee when you’re hiring us. Transparency about our costs and processes is a very important value to us. We understand its importance for you as well. That’s why we will give you a quote beforehand, and will stick to it.

Yes, our specialists are well aware of the additional details involved in e-filing. We’ve handled lots of e-filing cases in the past, and know how to navigate the field. We will sort out everything, no matter if we are filing one document or multiple batches.

We offer a broad range of legal services. We are experienced in process serving and legal searches on top of court filing.  And we bring the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm to the table for each of those services.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We work around the clock, and are always ready to take on new orders. No matter when you need our services, just give us a call and we will get started. We’ll provide you with a quote and an estimate for the duration of the job.