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Are you preparing for a lawsuit? This is often a challenging ordeal with many potential issues that can crop up. You have to prepare for every possibility, and you need to have the best resources at your disposal. Sometimes simply initiating the lawsuit can be tricky. When a defendant is putting a lot of effort into concealing themselves, this can slow down the process. In some cases, you might even compromise the entire lawsuit by failing to serve the other party on time. And that’s exactly what some people are counting on. If you want to secure all of your angles, you need to work with competent partners. We are the best Bradford Process Servers and we are ready to serve your legal documents.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Bradford Process Servers

Process serving is a job that can vary a lot in difficulty from one project to the next. Sometimes a defendant will be easy to locate and they will receive their papers readily. In other cases however, you are fighting an uphill battle. From finding where the person is, to actually getting the papers in their hands – this can all be a challenge. Not to mention, in some cases, It’s also not something you’re legally allowed to do yourself. You may be required to go through an independent party. That’s why it’s crucial that you work with the right Bradford Process Servers.

At Ontario Wide Process Servers, we’ve successfully completed a large number of cases for our clients. We are familiar with the way the legal system works, and know what it takes to get the job done. In addition, we work faster than most other companies in the area. This ensures that you will have the peace of mind that you deserve when beginning your lawsuit. We also understand the importance of keeping you in the loop. That’s why you will be the first to know if any new developments arise.

What Sets Us Apart from Everyone Else?

Our services are available around the clock. Our specialists work 24/7 to ensure that your needs are met as quickly as possible. We also take rush requests, and have no problem taking on more difficult cases. Our office location covers Bradford, East Gwillimbury, Innisfil, and several other areas. We’re very close to the Bradford Courthouse, which allows us to expedite many processes. We only work with the most competent process servers to ensure that the job gets done right. It doesn’t matter how complicated you think it might be – leave it to us to handle that challenge. Bilingual services are also available! If you prefer to have your case handled in French, just let us know. We will direct you to the appropriate specialist.

Additional Services

Process serving is just one part of the big picture. We offer additional services to help you navigate the legal world as effortlessly as possible. If you need any court filings done – including e-filings – such requests are welcome too. We can perform advanced legal searches, identifying and locating difficult-to-find defendants. We work around the clock to ensure that your needs are met. You should never worry about contacting us during unusual hours or holidays. We will always be ready to take on your project and see it through.

We Welcome Challenging Tasks

Don’t be quick to convince yourself that you won’t find your defendant. That’s because we have more resources than the average Bradford Process Servers. This allows us to take on more challenging legal searches than the majority of our competitors. We’ve dealt with a long list of evasive defendants, and we know what to expect from them. We can anticipate any kinds of tricks that a defendant might use. All you have to do is provide us with any details you might have about the person you’re looking for. Our team of competent specialists will take care of the rest. Our firm has extensive resources that can simplify even a more complicated legal search.

We are well versed in the law and we know how to deal with difficult defendants. This means that we will be able to serve them even when they are actively refusing to accept the papers. There are various legal provisions that can be utilized in these cases. It’s important to work with a company that understands these aspects of the law and knows how to leverage them. This is why we consider ourselves the best Bradford Process Servers.

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Get in touch with us today and let us handle your lawsuit for you. You can find our offices at 27 Leith Dr, Bradford Ontario L3Z 0G5. Alternatively, you can call us at 647-824-1088 or toll-free at 1-(833) ONT-WIDE. Or visit our website and get a quote directly there. No matter how you prefer to approach us, we will get started on your tasks immediately. We will put you in touch with a bilingual speaker if you prefer one.

And once we’ve started the serving process, we will keep you updated on everything that happens. Therefore, you won’t have to ask if there have been any new developments – you’ll be the first to know. We will handle your lawsuit with the utmost care and attention to detail. Don’t leave anything to chance! Contact us today and allow us to guide you through the process. We will ensure that your defendant is served as quickly as possible.

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