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You often have to deal with a large number of issues when you’re suing someone. This also includes the process of initiating the suit in the first place. Most people understand that they have no chance of winning a lawsuit without an experienced attorney. But the same also applies to other parts of the suit. Serving the other party, for example, can sometimes be a challenging ordeal. If the other party is taking steps to avoid getting served, this can complicate things significantly. If you’re looking for the best Scarborough Process Servers, you’ve come to the right place. Ontario Wide Process Servers is a company with extensive experience in the field, and we’re always ready for new challenges. Our highly trained servers will work around the clock to complete the job.

Working with Experienced Scarborough Process Servers Is More Important Than You Might Think

Depending on the nature of your suit, you may not be legally allowed to serve the other party yourself. And even when you do have that option, the process is more complicated than you might expect. You’re facing a difficult battle if the defendant proves to be evasive. From discovering them, to actually serving them in a legally acceptable manner, there’s a lot that you need to handle. That’s why you must always leave a job like this in the hands of professionals.

We work with a team of experienced specialists who understand the process of service in detail. You don’t need to worry about the intricate aspects of serving someone when you leave the project in our hands. We’re especially diligent when it comes to turnaround time. A delayed serving can put your entire case at risk. We are well aware of this, and will provide you with a reasonable time estimate for the job’s completion.

Why You Need to Work with Us

Our company can put you in touch with the best Scarborough Process Servers. We are always ready to take on your job at any time of the day. Rush orders are welcome at any time as well. We take great care to ensure that our serving specialists are always up to date on the job’s requirements. We only work with well-trained professionals, and constantly strive to improve their skill level. Our process servers will waste no time in searching for the person you’re after. Once they’ve located them, they will do everything allowed by law to serve the defendant immediately. You will receive regular updates about the progress of the job. If we require additional input from you at any point, you’ll be notified immediately.

What Else Can We Offer?

We are able to assist you with other aspects of your lawsuit as well. Our company can handle court filings and online e-filings. We also have experience with legal searches, and have located a number of evasive defendants in the past. While this can be a problem for other serving companies, we always welcome this type of challenge. If you don’t feel confident approaching us in English, that’s not an issue either. We have bilingual specialists working around the clock. We can assist you in French, both over the phone as well as in person. This doesn’t just apply to the initial consultation. We are prepared to complete the whole job while communicating with you in French.

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Us with a Complicated Job

As we mentioned above, you may occasionally face a particularly difficult defendant. Some people believe that they can evade being sued by just hiding for long enough. Our company has the resources and expertise necessary to locate such defendants. We will also utilize every tool provided to us by the legal system to ensure that the person is served. Therefore, you won’t have to fear the prospect of someone realizing they’re being served and refusing to acknowledge the server.

Sometimes a defendant will refuse to accept any papers, thinking that this absolves them of legal responsibilities. That’s not true, and we understand how to approach such situations better than anyone. We will notify you as soon as we have successfully served your defendant. With many other Scarborough Process Servers, this can take more than a week. We understand the time-sensitive nature of process serving and will complete the job in a much more reasonable time frame.

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Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to a lawsuit. Get in touch with us today and we’ll guide you through the entire process. Our offices are located at 1154 Warden Ave Suite 197 Scarborough, Ontario M1R 0A1. We cover all of Scarborough, Ontario, and several other locations. The Scarborough Court is less than 1km away from us. You can also contact us by phone at 647-824-1088. You can also get a quote directly at our website. We provide bilingual consultations regardless of how you choose to contact us. We will get started with your case immediately after we have collected the initial details from you. You can rest assured that your defendant will get served in time when you’re working with us. Find out why we have such a flawless track record with our customers!

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